Our Meat farmers

Locally-Sourced Partnerships

Animal welfare and transparency are high priorities at MOM’s, so we work hard to find Certified Organic options and offerings. Meat that is Certified Organic must adhere to strict standards that include non-GMO feed, access to the outdoors, and no hormones or antibiotics. If they are not Certified Organic, farms are audited by MOM’s to ensure the animals are being raised in a manner consistent with our internal standards. These include requiring outdoor access, prohibiting the use of antibiotics/hormones, and monitoring of feed, handling, and processing practices. 

Our fresh beef, bison, pork, and lamb are all pasture and/or forest-raised. They are primarily sourced from local farms that MOM’s partners with to support sustainable agriculture and small family businesses.

Grayson Farms (pictured left) is a collection of family farms in Grayson County, VA. The cows live their whole lives on pasture in the mountainous region.