About MOM's Coffee

Our In-House Roasted Coffee

MOM’s partners with Mayorga Organics to provide 100% organic and directly-traded coffee beans!

Based in Rockville, MD, Mayorga works directly with farmers that use sustainable farming practices. These include providing tree cover for migrating birds, encouraging biodiversity, and providing pollinator protection.

Our coffee beans are traceable to the farm where they’re grown. Additionally, monitoring beans from planting to harvesting allows our partners to ensure the highest quality.

Last but not least, we focus on our relationships with the people harvesting our coffee. Our farmers are our partners and their economic well-being is a priority. Eliminating middlemen helps to keep prices low while providing an income for the farmers. Responsibly traded, MOM’s coffee works to alleviate systemic poverty in Latin America.

Once the beans arrive, we roast them in-house to provide super-fresh coffee!