Store Info

White Marsh

Monday-Saturday: 9am-9pm
Sunday: 9am-8pm

Phone: (443) 461-2033

Address: 5267 Campbell Blvd., White Marsh, MD 21236

Date Opened: November 11, 2016

MOM’s White Marsh offers a peaceful and pleasant shopping experience for anyone in Baltimore County. The next time you visit, make sure to check out the store’s eco-friendly art installations, such as the butterflies that are made from paper and recycled coat hangers. The store also has rooftop solar panels that generate ~30% of the store’s energy usage. The MOM’s Solar Farm, which generates about 25% of solar needs for all 19 stores, is only a few miles away from the White Marsh store. You can learn more about the Solar Farm here.

Store Features:

  • (2) SemaConnect Level II electric car charging stations
  • 100% organic produce
  • GOTS certified organic and sustainable clothing 
  • Wide variety of bulk offerings from dry goods to household items 
  • Sustainable Proteins  
  • Backyard beekeeping supplies

      Backyard Beekeeping Set

       #ProtectPollinators! Find all the tools needed to sustain crucial pollinators at home.

      Rooftop Solar

      Renewably powered! Rooftop solar panels generate 20-30% of this store’s energy usage. Learn more here.

      Bulk Offerings

      This store offers bulk vinegar, spices, household soaps and more! Learn more here.

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