Here’s why…

The Environmental Impact of Food

  • Deforestation
  • Loss of carbon in soil due to unsustainable practices
  • Methane emissions
  • Fertilizer/ manure emissions
  • Machinery emissions
  • Processing of crops  into feed 
  • Emissions from  converting raw agricultural products into final food items
  • Emissions from the production of packaging materials
  • Emissions from energy use in the transport of food items
  • Emissions from energy use in refrigeration and other retail processes (We have been powered by 100% renewable energy since 2005)
  • Material transport and end of life disposal

Mindful Shopping

We want to encourage you to be mindful when shopping- don’t overbuy, think of what you can realistically consume before your next trip, and try to keep a mental tab of what’s in your refrigerator so you can plan to consume it all before it goes bad!

Donate to food banks

Upcycled Food at MOM’s 

These brands are leading the upcycled food industry! Did you know upcycled food reduces methane emissions, conserves resources, and rescues nutrients that would otherwise be lost? Click on the logos below to learn about a few of the upcycled food & personal care products we offer!

Purpose: To fight food waste and end hunger. 

Founded in 2011, Nourish Now provides food with dignity to those in need to address hunger and food waste in Montgomery County, MD, and the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Purpose: Provide the food that people need today to build brighter futures tomorrow.

The Capital Area Food Bank partners with over 450 non-profit organizations in the DC area to provide 30 million meals to almost half a million area residents each year. 

Purpose: To help our neighbors who are food insecure.

Celestial Manna picks up food that would otherwise be discarded and distributes it to communities in need throughout DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. Celestial Manna knows that economic hardships affect every area of life, and so they recover and donate clothing, furniture, and household goods as well.

Baltimore County, MD

Whispering Rise is a sanctuary for surrendered and rescued potbelly pigs who are products of the pet pig trade and educate the public about them.

Chester County, PA

The mission of Chenoa Manor is to be a sanctuary for both farm and exotic animals, empower youth through educational programs, and promote compassion for nature and animals.

Columbia, MD

Friends of Rabbits rescues, rehabilitates, and finds homes for more than 200 rabbits each year.

Composting saves energy

Composting reduces greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change

Composting enhances farmland productivity

Veterans Compost

This veteran-owned business turns food scraps into high-quality organic compost in MD, DC, and VA. They are the only vermicomposting (commercial worm composting) operation in Maryland and are 100% Wind-Powered.

Compost Crew

Compost Crew, a locally owned business based in Rockville, MD, was formed in 2011 in Montgomery County. The company was founded with the objective of rescuing unwanted food scraps from the landfill, helping to retain valuable nutrients by converting the food scraps into a rich soil amendment – compost.

expiration dates

Our CEO Scott took eliminating food waste to the next level! Read about his thoughts in this blog post.

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