MOM’s Gaithersburg- Now Open!

10 Upper Rock Circle, Rockville, MD 20850

The new store features:

  • Only the highest quality, certified organic produce
  • Naked Lunch, an all organic, vegetarian eatery
  • MOM’s Bake Shop, in-house made, unique, organic sandwich breads made from heirloom grains and live starters
  • Sustainable insect proteins
  • Backyard Beekeeping section with all the tools needed to sustain these crucial pollinators at home
  • Free car charging stations
  • Tire inflation station
  • Only sustainable seafood (right down to the canned tuna!)
  • Wide variety of GOTS certified organic and sustainable clothing
  • Liquid bulk section including oil, vinegar, and honey
  • Recycling center for corks, eyeglasses, cell phones, household batteries, shoes, and plastic bags
  • Expansive Health & Wellness section including bulk organic herbs, plus bulk soap, bath salts, and body scrubs
  • A green roof that helps reduce stormwater runoff, increases energy efficiency and decreases the heat island effect
  • Rain Gardens and pollinator-friendly plants that help filter out pollutants in stormwater runoff and provide food and shelter for butterflies, bees, song birds and other wildlife