MOM's & Equal Exchange

Partnering for Change since 2001

MOM’s recently celebrated 17 years with Equal Exchange, a worker-owned co-op that partners directly with farmers to provide 100% fairly-traded goods. While Fair Trade has become the term synonymous with buying direct from small-scale farmers, this usually refers only to minimum prices set on products. In sharp contrast, Equal Exchange focuses on social, organic, and quality premiums. This extra money allows farmers to focus on reinvesting in their communities through projects like beekeeping, insurance, and education.

Our partnership began in 2001 when we started carrying Equal Exchange’s coffee. Since then, we’ve added bananas (2007), cocoa and chocolate bars (2010), tea (2012), almonds (2013), cashews (2013), mangoes (2013), chocolate chips (2014), and cheese (2018). Since the beginning, we’ve worked to be an early adopter for emerging Equal Exchange programs products as their values so closely align with ours.

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Dollars Paid to small-scale farmers since 2001!