Equal Exchange Fair Trade Bananas

Bad Bananas

  • Each year, 5 million tons of bananas pass through Ecuador, the banana capital of the world  
  • To keep banana prices low, multinational businesses often strike favorable deals to ensure cheap or free land and labor 
  • On traditional banana plantations, workers can be fired for encouraging others to organize and fight for their labor rights. They’re also exposed to deleterious fumigants and pesticides and not provided with adequate protection against them.
  • Small banana farmers do exist but they face extreme price fluctuations influenced by middlemen. They’re hesitant to speak out for fear of being sidelined by these middlemen and intermediary buyers.

The Equal Exchange Fair Trade Difference

  • Fair trade, small producer bananas offer an alternative for many in banana growing nations. The model empowers producers, who band together to work for a fair and stable price and work to gain marketshare.
  • These producers build a more just supply chain that prioritizes their health, their communities, and those who work in the trade
  • One such producer is AsoGuabo, a farmer run co-operative that’s committed to improving quality of life for themselves and their communities. They earn a fair price for their bananas & receive an additional $1 per case that goes back into the local community – into education, health care, retirement, environmental projects and infrastructure improvements.
  • Fair Trade serves as a “model for how things can be different” and is driven by this mission instead of by profit

MOM’s Team visits the banana farmers of AsoGuabo in Ecuador,
along with Four Seasons Produce and representatives from Fair Trade.

Your banana selection at MOM’s

  • While Fair Trade bananas only make up less than 1% of total bananas consumed in the US, we’re thrilled all our bananas at MOM’s are Fair Trade Certified*!
  • These cost us more than traditionally sourced bananas but there are tangible benefits from our purchases – in 2017, MOM’s banana purchases allowed over $37,000 to be reinvested directly into health care, farm improvements, and schools in banana producing communities
  • Making the choice to buy Equal Exchange Fair Trade has an effect along the entire supply chain


*MOM’s makes every effort to source Equal Exchange bananas; on occasion, other Fair Trade or Certified Organic bananas may be substituted due to availability

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