Our COVID-19 Action Steps

MOM’s employees and customers have always been our top priority. 

The Leadership Team huddles to tackle the unprecedented volume of issues this pandemic has brought to MOM’s (and the grocery industry in general).  This approach has enabled us to take decisive and quick actions on a daily basis- so we can continue to uphold our responsibility to feed our local communities and protect our employees. 


We have implemented even more rigorous cleaning practices throughout all of our stores:

    • Designated MOM’s employees wipe down carts and basket handles for each customer before use
    • Frequently sanitizing high-touch locations like checkout stands, scales, bathroom areas, break rooms, back-office areas, etc.
    • Cleaning crews come in to do thorough sanitization of stores 

All customers must wear a mask covering their mouth and nose in our stores.  If customers want to wear a face shield, they must wear a face mask as well. Children ages 2 and up must wear masks.

We are also asking that you cough or sneeze away from other people and into a tissue or one’s elbow or sleeve and immediately dispose of the tissue in a safe manner

Quickly shop alone or only with members of your household 

Please do not shake hands or engage in any physical contact 

Be mindful of only touching product that you plan on purchasing

Maintain six feet of distance from each other person that is not part of your household

Avoid entering if you are exhibiting a symptom of any transmissible disease such as a cough, fever, and running nose or have a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis.

No mesh masks.

Rolled out touchless payment

    • Including Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Google Pay
      Switched all debit transactions to be processed as credit

Hand sanitizer is provided at the entrance of every location 

We have limited our testers to pump bottle items and cosmetics testers for color reference only

Employees are encouraged to wash hands as frequently as possible and employees who don’t feel 100% must stay home

Signage to reinforce what safety measures our customers can take

We continue to hire displaced workers who lost their jobs due to the pandemic


How are we looking out for MOM’s Team Members?

Any employee who is diagnosed with COVID-19 is eligible for up to two (2) weeks paid leave

MOM’s employees 60 and over are eligible for one (1) week extra of paid leave if they are healthy, but feel uncomfortable coming to work

Protective plexiglass installed at all registers in the front end

We provide gloves, and organic cotton masks, and  have ordered personal bottles of hand sanitizer to all employees

    • All employees are required to wear a mask at all times

General Managers and Assistant General Managers have the authority to shut off customer flow to the store whenever a store becomes too crowded

Employees have been green-lighted to walk away from crowded areas on the store floor anytime they feel like social distancing is not possible

We’ve designated a person at Central Store Support to do research as laws and guidelines change within each state our stores are in

Company-wide General Manager Huddle, so we can provide a forum to hear directly from the stores what their concerns and recommendations are

Even though our aisles are much wider than almost all other grocery stores (on average 10 ft wide), which allows for more space for social distancing, we monitor foot traffic per store, per hour.  We only let in less than 50% capacity of people at all stores.

Positive Employee Test Protocol

When responding to news of a COVID-19 positive employee our intention is to always act in a swift, thoughtful, and compassionate manner. While our employee’s personal health information is private, you can be sure that we are taking the steps necessary to ensure a safe environment in our stores while operating as an essential business.

If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, we thoroughly investigate each situation as follows:

  • Leadership meets immediately to determine when the employee last worked. 
  • Store employees are alerted of the positive test result and reminded to continue practicing COVID-19 prevention, as well as the importance of self quarantining if they have any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Cleaning crew sanitizes the store with the supervision of store leadership.
  • HR contacts COVID-19 positive employee to confirm the criteria for paid COVID-19 leave (2-weeks paid leave) and procedures for returning to work.
  • We provide information to the local health department to confirm who should be quarantined and for how long.

View store specific information here.

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