We partnered with Fresh Baguette, a local authentic French bakery in Rockville, MD to take MOM’s recipes and replicate them ingredient for ingredient- so that everyone in the DMV region could enjoy our tasty Organic bread.

MOM’s x Fresh Baguette

In 2017, we opened MOM’s Bake Shop, which features in-house made, organic breads at our Gaithersburg, MD store. We knew that finding high quality, fresh, organic bread was nearly impossible (believe us- we’ve tried to source it for years!) and thought this would be a unique offering for MOM’s customers.  It was so well received that we decided to partner with Fresh Baguette, a local bakery in Rockville, MD to scale this operation, so all MOM’s customers could enjoy this tasty bread.

All organic

Bake Shop Breads

Baked fresh daily

Every morning, Fresh Baguette bakes and delivers MOM’s Bake Shop Breads to our stores.

All Organic ingredients

MOM’s bread is baked using only the highest quality organic ingredients, starting with La Milanaise Organic Flour. The grains are ground on steel cylinders which increases flour stability, in turn increasing bread quality.

Naturally Leavened

Our starters are naturally cultivated from fresh organic whole-grain berries, and our bread is naturally leavened without the use of commercial yeast. 

ALl organic

Bake Shop Breads 


This ancient grain provides a sweet nuttiness that combines perfectly with the flavors of flax and toasted hemp seeds.

Rustico Baguette

The French classic, enhanced by our use of organic whole grains, natural leaveners, and long fermentation, for a well-developed flavor.

Whole Wheat Sandwich

Vegan soft sandwich loaf inspired by the classic French pain de mie. MOMs’ formula replaces the dairy with oat milk.


A hearty bread featuring four whole grains—whole wheat, barley, oats, and rye—and four types of seeds—millet, sesame, sunflower, and flax.

French Baguette

This traditional baguette is made with organic flour and has a long fermentation process – the same way the best French bakeries do it. 


Inspired by an ancestral Celtic bread, our formula features brown rice, barley, farro, quinoa, and oats- creating a rich complexity.

Rustic Boule

An artisanal hand-shaped boule made of mix of whole wheat, wheat, and rye flour and raised wiht 100% natural sourdough. 

white sandwich

Vegan soft sandwich loaf inspired by the classic French pain de mie. MOMs’ formula replaces the dairy with oat milk.

Raisin Walnut loaf

Organic raisins and walnuts are added to a mix of flours creating a unique combination with a sweet taste. 


Authentic, classic sourdough that truly captures the unique flavors created by MOMs’ natural starters and long fermentation.

Whole Wheat Sourdough

Authentic, sourdough bread made with a mix of whole wheat and wheat flour with natural starters and a long fermentation process. 


– Scott Nash, Founder and CEO of MOM’s Organic Market

“Partnering with MOM’s is all about passions: passion for artisanal and handcrafted traditions, passion for baking naturally leavened breads, passion for teamwork and passion for bringing to MOM’s customers Unique Organic Breads they cannot find elsewhere”

-Bertrand Bouhour Owner of Fresh Baguette

MOM’s supports local

Fresh Baguette Bakery

We had been developing a partnership with Fresh Baguette for over a year when COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the restaurant industry seemingly overnight. They could no longer rely on their main source of income- selling breads and pastries to local coffee shops- they needed to find a solution fast if they were going to stay in business. We were planning to begin a pilot partnership program with them this summer, instead, we went full steam ahead and bumped up our timeline by 12 weeks in order to help our friends at Fresh Baguette.


Now Available in all of our DC, MD, and VA stores.

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