2020 Recyling Changes

Plastic Bags

Recent changes in plastic recycling markets have made the recycling of plastic bags nearly impossible. This material is now being incinerated as waste to energy. The process produces greenhouse gases, which contributes to climate change and enables plastic manufacturers to continue creating single use-plastic. Offering “recycling” for this item is misleading to customers.

We will no longer accept plastic bags starting January 1, 2020.

Read MOM’s op-ed for more on this issue.


Will this affect all plastic film items MOM’s currently takes?

Yes. MOM’s will no longer accept any type of plastic film from customers. Including – Bubble wrap, plastic/cling wrap, bread, cereal, English muffin, grocery, and Ziplock bags.

Should I put plastic bags in our commingled recycling bins?

No. Do not put plastic bags or film in the commingled recycling bins. This contaminates the recycling stream.

But ____ takes it?

We cannot say for sure what happens to collected plastic at other stores. Please connect with them directly.

What about TREX?

To work with TREX you need to compile, sort and store 40,000lbs of clean, dry, clear, uncontaminated plastic packaging and if you fail to meet it after collecting, sorting, storing and shipping it the waste is rerouted to the incinerator or landfill.

What should I do now?

Avoid plastic bags and film whenever possible. At this time there is no monetary value and little incentive to create recycling infrastructure. Plus, plastic bag bans are sweeping the nation, so less of this material means even less options for recycling. 

How can I help?

Call your county and state legislatures and ask them to support plastic bag bans and fees!


TerraCycle informed us that it is no longer financially viable for their company to accept our waste and changed their guidelines for participation to an operationally unattainable level. At this time we are unable to continue a partnership with them.

We will no longer accept snack bags, foil-lined energy bar wrappers, personal health and beauty packaging, Brita/water filters, baby food squeeze packages, and drink packages starting January 1, 2020.


Which TerraCycle streams will be affected?

Snack bags, foil-lined energy bar wrappers, personal health and beauty packaging, Brita/water filters, baby food squeeze packages, and drink packages. 


Where should I recycle my TerraCycle items now?

TerraCycle offers a home mail back program (starting at $85 a box) that customers can sign up for.  


Why the change?

We were sad to see our partnership with TerraCycle come to an end as well. They’ve moved to a consumer pay as you throw model and away from the producer responsibility model that MOM’s and the brands that we carry were apart of. Customers can now pay (similar to home curbside recycling) and sign up for their “zero waste” bins and continue recycling through them that way.