Recent changes in plastic recycling markets has made the recycling of plastic bags nearly impossible. 

This material is now being incinerated as waste to energy- producing greenhouse gases, which contributes to climate change and enables plastic manufacturers to continue creating single use-plastic.

Offering “recycling” for this item is misleading to customers.  

Beginning January 1, 2020 MOM’s will no longer accept plastic bags in our recycling centers.

Thank you for helping us fulfill Our Purpose: to protect and restore the environment.


Will this affect all plastic film items MOM’s currently takes?

Yes. MOM’s will no longer accept any type of plastic film from customers. Including – Bubble wrap, plastic/cling wrap, bread, cereal, English muffin, grocery, and Ziplock bags.

Should I put plastic bags in our commingled recycling bins?

No. Do not put plastic bags or film in the commingled recycling bins. This contaminates the recycling stream.